TANDEM GRAPHICS PRINTING-- Large Format Printing and Digital Printing
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The Tandem Graphics plant houses state of the art digital printers and large format graphic printers. You will be amazed at the newness of our equipment, the cleanliness of our facility and the productivity of our crews.

Here is a list of the top notch digital equipment we keep running day in and day out:

  • High Resolution Drum Scanners
    -Each scan is individually oil-mounted for maximum clarity and crisp color rendition.

  • Numerous Large Format Printers-Ink Jet and Solvent Inks
    -Posters, Displays and Banners can be up to 64" wide!

  • Digital Color Printers

  • High Speed Black & White Printers

The digital artists in the Tandem Graphics Studio amaze our clients with their skills on the Mac. They are Photoshop and Indesign wizards. They can "RIP" with the best of them! And with pre-press knowledge that is also impressive, color correction and scanning is on tap, in house. You will be in register, color correct, true to the original, and a very happy client.

Here is a list of the graphics software we work with every day:

  • QuarkXpress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Acrobat

We always keep updated versions of every software package on hand.

Other Tandem Graphics Conveniences:

  • You can upload your files via an FTP supported website.

  • Proofing is via PDF or hard copy proofs. No surprises and no extra cost!

  • All digital files are archived so you can retrieve your job histories and elements long after the job is produced at no additional cost.