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The Environment

In an effort to respect the earth's natural resources we would like to make our customers aware that there are a variety of Eco-friendly papers available at Tandem Graphics. Many of our standard papers are environmentally friendly and we will help you customize any printed media to your specifications. From business cards to banners, booklets to backlits, we can help you be creative and project the right image with an eye towards sustainability by incorporating environmentally responsible products into your design. There is an Eco-friendly option for virtually all forms of printed media. We want to bring you the best sustainable products available so we are in the process of testing some new materials and will up date our list regularly.

Eco-Friendly Papers for Digital Printing

Letterheads, business cards, flyers and brochures can all be printed on clean, bright, distinctive, eco-friendly paper.

Cougar Opague - 10% post consumer waste.

Storo Enso Paper
Productolith Coated - 10% post consumer waste.

Lustro Offset Environment(LOE) - 30% post consumer waste

Mohawk Papers:
Via (text & cover) - 30% - 100%
Britehue - offers 10 brite shades that contain 30% post consumer waste and are Green Seal Certified.
Digital Paper - 50/10 - 15% recycled
Superfine - white and soft white smooth - 30% recycled

Neenah Papers - (text & cover) Premium Recyled Paper

International Papers
Springhill - colored papers, 30% post consumer fiber
Hammermill Fore mp - 30% recycled content

Intelicoat Magic Media
Verona285S & 285T - This fine art paper has high archival quality and is free of optical brighteners. Uses include photo and art reproductions. Recycle - Papers Recyclable

Eco-Friendly Papers for Large Format Printing

Bioflex - Biodegradable PVC srim banner material is fade and weather resitant.

Eco-Friendly Material for Mounting, Binding and Finishing

The Gilman Brothers Company
Insite Biodegradable - Standard, paper faced memory foamboard. Environmentally responsible paper liners and 100% biodegradable foam center.

Duraplast Biodegradable - An all-plastic foamboard consisting of a biodegradable polystyrene foam center, faced with water-proof biodegradable polystyrene liners. this foam board is completely recyclable. Foam contains 15% recycled content. 100%Biodegradable, 100% Recyclable.

Sturdy Grain Covers and Linen Covers- Made from recycled materials. 30% post consumer waste. Used on the front or back of spiral bound books.

Labels - 100% post consumer waste face stock with a high degree of brightness.